Shot 1: Mid shot, Server, Level point, Zoom Shot 2: Long shot, assembly hall, Over the shoulder shot, No camera Development Shot 3: Mid shot, Corbin Dallas, Level point, Zoom Shot 4: Long shot, organize, Level edge, No Camera Development Shot 5: Over the shoulder shot, Hall, Level point, No Camera Development Shot 6: Mid […]

it was a bright, cold day and the clocks were ticking. Winston smith, his chin was tucked into his chest trying to escape the wind, quickly through the glass doors of Victory Mansions, but not quickly enough to stop the dusty wind from  entering along with him.

SaiBorg10 Machines ruled over the modern era, and sports were consumed into the fact that technology could enhance a athlete’s physical attributes, winning the race gives you freedom and a wealthy life. But losing gets you a bad reputation and people criticise you and your machine.   Sai who had entered the race without any […]

Hello and welcome to your personal online journal. This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at Mount Aspiring College. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here […]